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A Visual Feast of Espresso Martinis, Champagne and Irish Coffees .

Cheers to the New Year! (or am I past the threshold to say that?). The run up to the New Year is always quite a trip, with making your way through the holidays to wrapping up end of the year work stuff. Its safe to say festive drinks can't come soon enough.

The winter happy hour drink of choice lately is generally filled with espresso martinis shaken throughout the night, and who doesn't love a little champagne, cheese and olives after a long day at work, am I right?

We caught some blistering cold days in NY recently, so thats a good enough excuse as any for me to visit my favorite pub for an classic Irish Coffee. Occasionally, my dad and I indulge in this shared tradition whenever we happen to catch a snow day. This is what originally sparked my idea for this test shoot. Each of these drinks represents a distinct and delightful experience. Bold visual tales in a glass, from cozy evening to glamorous celebrations.



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